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Affiliate Program

Become a Krono Brand Ambassador Today!

Do you post a lot of pics on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest that deals with weightlifting, powerlifting or fitness?

You may be a perfect for the Krono Brand Ambassador Program where you can get your friends a discount and earn sales commision for helping to grow the Krono family...

  • How much of a Discount Will My Network Get? 

    You will be offered a 10% discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.
  • Do I Get Anything For All My Friends Who Purchase Krono Gear & Apparel?

    Of course, you do! You are our brand ambassador, after all. For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends, you will receive a 20% commission on all our Gear & Accessories and 10% on Apparel
  • What Are Some Other Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate?

    We always look to our brand ambassadors/affiliates first when other opportunities arise for photo shoots, newly released products, blog contributions, and testing of product prototypes. These opportunities may be paid and involve additional free gear and apparel but will be up to our discretion and must be discussed with us ahead of time.

  • How Do I Redeem My Ambassador Commissions?

    Please send us a mail at when you want to claim your commissions and we will pay you through Paypal. 

  • How Can I Join The Ambassador Program?

Please read this part carefully!

  • You need to send an email to our sales department at expressing your interest to join our Affiliate program
  • You must provide a one-word discount code you'd like to use to promote us with. "JohnKrono", "Steven10", etc. Your friends will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their 10% discount AND WHICH WILL ALLOW US TO TRACK THE SALES GENERATED THROUGH YOUR REFFERAL. Please add something specific about you to it (YourNameKrono, SDKrono10) you can't just use Krono, powerlifter, etc.
  • Your request will then be reviewed for approval
  • After that, you will receive a welcome email with instructions and later a confirmation that your custom discount code is setup. Please be patient as we need to manually verify your account and activate it.  You can always contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

To ensure our program remains lucrative, we carefully review all requests and reserve the right to refuse applicants.