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How to get rid of stomach fat

How to get rid of stomach fat



Generally speaking, when trimming down and trying to lose weight, the belly fat proves the most difficult to rid the body of. This is purely due to body bio-chemistry and physiology as the stomach is the first place your body will store up fat and equally the last place it would give it up.


Now that you’ve had it with your stomach and decided to trim the fat, here are a few hacks to bring the much desired change, bearing in mind that these are guaranteed tips with time and not 24-hour miracle workers.




 get rid of stomach fat


  1. Review Your Diet


You are what you eat. Yes, this popular saying hasn't changed. If only it was so easy to control our cravings, we would probably not be writing this, but it isn't. So, the first step is to eat clean and have a better diet. You should consume foods with more fiber and carbohydrates over those with high oil and fat content.


That said, even carbohydrates should be taken with moderation as they are all calories at the end of the day. Fiber intake can easily be increased by adding more fruits to the diet. Sugar intake should also be drastically reduced as sugar is pure carbohydrate with no nutritional value.



  1. Drink More Water


Stay hydrated. This allows the body to function properly, cleaning all residual foods that can cause bloating. Consuming more water also means less space for junks and higher tendencies of urinating, which can help clear out the rack. However, a common issue is that most of us have little tolerance for consuming water as it doesn't come off as appealing as other cola and soda drinks. This can be corrected by spicing up your warm water with lemon, especially in the morning. This solution helps flush out the digestive tract and reduces constipation.



  1. Eat As Soon As You Can, But No Gluttony


Trying to eat within a space of three hours is ideal to reduce the belly fat. If longer time is taken between meals, the body tends to release the hormone cortisol, which intensifies stress, hunger and thus the urge to eat more when finally, on your plate of food. Also try to eat hours well ahead your bedtime; this ensures that the calories being consumed are used up before getting your zzzz where your body is shutdown with typically no use for the excess calories.



  1. Drink responsibly... Very responsibly.


Alcohol is a leading cause of "beer belly." This is because of the high amount of calories, protein, carbs and even fat contained therein. All these are the reasons that make beer so dangerous, especially when drinking it almost guarantees swallowing air. Alcoholic beverages apart from being a stimulant of sort, contains high calories that are supposed to be expended on some kind of activity, contrary, most consumers tend to sleep after a couple, meaning all the calories, protein and fat are stored up and not utilized in the human body.



  1. Eat More Plant Fat Than Animal Fat


Cholesterol levels are of high importance and animal fat is rich in this type of fat. Plants however, contain useful fat such as omega 3 fatty acids which have benefits to the body compared to most animal fat. Animal fat is also not easily synthesized and as digestive as plant fat.



  1. Workouts and Exercises


From the basic exercises to the complex workouts, weight lifting, cardio and interval

trainings, one can almost guarantee a trim down of belly fat. This is subject to the workouts, their frequencies and how ideal they are for the desired belly fat trim. Squats, Planks, Sit-ups will majorly put strain on the stomach making their area of concentration the fat stored within. Weight lifting can also help burn out fat and shape you up in no time.





That's our top 6 hacks to reduce stomach fat. As earlier discussed belly fat is accumulated due to one’s diet, laziness maybe and lack of exercises. The key to having a healthy waistline also does lie in an adjusted diet and a dedicated workout routine. Try one of these today, your body would definitely thank you.


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