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5 ways to Achieve Your Optimum Fitness Level

5 ways to Achieve Your Optimum Fitness Level


Optimal performance is the sole aim of every design and system, be it man or machine. Achieving top fitness however, is subject to a number of factors that depend on both man and the employed techniques. If you currently feel like you are not hitting your peak or full fitness potential, try out some of these tips to achieve better output. 



 how to achieve optimum fitness level 




  1. Discipline and Consistency  


How often do you make workout schedules and stick to it? How often do you call to cancel appointments with your trainer? How often do you miss group sessions and gym activities? If you happen to have a not -so- encouraging answer to any of these questions, it's time to face the fact that you just might be lazy, overconfident or being complacent. 


Identifying the challenge is the first step towards change, the next is a determination to improve and understanding the positives that come with sticking to your routine. Consistency is one of the few keys to achieve optimization in workouts.


  1. Attending the right class and having an experienced Personal trainer 


Another step that can push you towards attaining your goals of ultimate fitness is to find the right class and group to workout with. The effect of a group workout can be outstanding for a number of reasons. First, there is enough motivation and healthy competition that forces members to try to out-do each other within the safety limits.


Secondly, there is more socializing which means more interaction, lesser tendency to miss classes and a possibility of checking up on you everyone in a while when you are looking lazy or complacent. A personal trainer can also help in climbing to the peak of your fitness exercise as they have several experience, workout routines and can even devise custom made body exercises for you.


A personal trainer will also enforce discipline, push you over and guarantee you curb unhealthy habits that may be affecting your fitness results in one way or another. Members of your fitness class also have to mean something; if they are lazy and robust, it means they are not progressive or the class lead isn't doing a good job at helping them stay fit.


  1. Diet


There is very little rationale to working out without monitoring one's food intake, after all, what is the usefulness of exercises, cardio and weight lifts when you just munch down all the burnt calories once again. A good diet should therefore be adopted once you run into trouble advancing a fitness phase; meals that have good amount of protein, low calorie carbohydrates, healthy fats and oils as well as nutritious fruits and vegetables should be consumed. Protein builds muscle mass and repairs torn tissues. Sufficient amount of water should also be drunk to ensure fluidity and muscle/bones lubrication. 



  1. Rest and Sleep


A significant amount of people believe that achieving fitness is solely dependent on the hours and efforts spent in the gym and machines alone. Fitness is a term that encompasses all aspects of health, therefore rest and sleep play a crucial part in developing and experiencing optimal fitness.


Another fact unknown to many is that the growth development phase majorly takes place in the night when the body is asleep, repairing torn muscles and developing new ones. Also, if a body has high stress levels, all the physicality in the world cannot rid it of that. Rather, such person has to rest to reduce the cortisol hormone levels in the bloodstream and boost the testosterone hormone. 


 Optimum Fitness Level




  1. Precision


What are your fitness goals? What workouts are you using to get them done? Are these methods efficient?  To achieve top performance in any case whether fitness or not, the approach must be clear and concise. If you are doing a wide array of routines hoping to achieve a perfect body all at once, this may simply result in the popular "Jack of all trades... Master of none" outcome. Set clear goals for all your body parts and stick to clear approach in attaining such goals. 




The Takeaway


Whatever your goals are, to obtain the best of results you have to put significant effort in, even before you get a personal trainer you have to be in the proper mental state; motivated and disciplined. Precision, dedication and consistency is therefore the bedrock of an optimum fitness level. 



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